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Aquafide Engineering develops innovative and sustainable water treatment solutions for municipal and industrial customers in Europe and the Middle East.

Solar Powered Circulation

SolarBee's award-winning and patented solar-powered long-distance circulation technology is a significant breakthrough in solving the world's water quality problems, naturally.

SolarBee's in-water-body circulation and treatment can be applied to Lakes, Raw Water Reservoirs, Potable Water Storage Tanks, Wastewater Lagoons, Effluent Storage Ponds, Stormwater Ponds, and other water bodies.

One SolarBee can displace the energy of up to 22 kW of conventional mains powered mixing equipment in wastewater applications and even more in freshwater applications.

That means that one SolarBee can displace up to about 190,000 kWhrs per year, and regularly achieves paybacks from operating cost savings of between 1 to 3 years. Each machine can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 83 tonsper year. This is equivalent to the annual emission of 27 passenger cars.

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