Improve aesthetics

Improve water clarity: Eutrophic waters typically have poor water clarity because of prolific and essentially inedible cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) growth. SolarBee’s epilimnetic circulation can provide effective blue-green algae bloom control by disrupting their favored habitat of stagnant waters. The prevention of cyanobacteria blooms without using toxic algaecides allows non-blue-green algae (e.g., Chlorophytes and diatoms) to grow. These algae are readily edible, and their consumption by aquatic organisms increases water clarity while moving algal biomass both materially and energetically up the foodchain, thus improving lake fisheries. Overall algal productivity is not necessarily decreased through epilimnetic circulation, but the shift from inedible to edible algae creates a fundamental beneficial change in the lake’s biodiversity and ecology. Although doubling prior water clarity is typical, some lakes have seen Secchi Disk transparency increase from 1 m to > 4 m. However, in shallow ponds, reservoirs with high tributary inputs, and wind-swept lakes, the ecological benefits of enhanced circulation will be there although water clarity may not necessarily improve because of resuspended clay turbidity.

Improve Water Quality

Improve dissolved oxygen (DO) and pH levels

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