Improve fish habitats

There are a number of sustainable benefits to a lake fishery through SolarBee-induced long-distance circulation (LDC). The return flow back to the SolarBee intake slowly, but continually, oxidizes near-shore (littoral) sediments down to the depth of the intake hose, thus increasing the nesting success of spawning fish. Lake owners have reported dramatic increases in both fish nesting sites and fingerling production after SolarBees were installed. Preventing the growth, settling and subsequent decomposition of blue-green algae also helps keep sediments oxidized, while reducing any risk of cyanobacteria toxicity on fish eggs and larvae. The prevention of inedible blue-green algae blooms also allows edible, non-blue-green algae to grow and move up the food chain into zooplankton and fish, thus enhancing fingerling production and the fishery in general. Lake owners not only report consistently greater fish vigor and productivity, they have independently discovered that fishing success is also better around SolarBees. Deep circulation improves dissolved oxygen (DO) distribution in the water column, also improving the fish habitat while preventing seasonal fish kills

Reduce filamentous algae growth

Improve water quality

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