Potable Water

Active mixing in water storage tanks ensures uniform distribution of disinfectants and prevents stagnant water areas. Well-mixed tanks consume fewer disinfectant chemicals, produce fewer disinfection by-products, and eliminate the need for energy-intensive and costly deep-cycling or flushing.

Mix tanks of all sizes

SolarBee's line of solar-powered mixers completely mix all shapes and sizes of tanks from corner to corner, including the boundary layers where bacteria can build up.

Chemical Injection

Each potable mixer comes complete with chemical injection capability, and we offer a convenient chlorine boosting system accessory, should disinfectant boosting be desired at the tank.

Quick Installation

Our collapsible units are designed to install in less than a day, through a hatch as small as 500mm, without costly infrastructure changes and without taking the tank out of service.

The effect of a solar bee in a tank

Benefits of SolarBee's thorough Mixing

  • Ensure uniform distribution of disinfectant
  • Increases Contact Time
  • Provide uniform water age
  • Produce fewer disinfectant byproducts
  • Prevent stagnation, thermal stratification and short circuiting
  • Reduce nitrification with thorough boundary-layer mixing
  • Eliminate the need for energy-intensive deep tank cycling
  • Reduce high heterotrophic plate counts
  • Reduce excessive ice buildup in cold climates

SolarBee Potable Mixer Features

  • Minimal (if any) infrastructure changes required for installation
  • Easily removed or left in place (covered) for tank cleaning
  • Operates day and night on solar power
  • Maximum run time with brushless motor and digital control system
  • Self-adjusts for varying water levels
  • SCADA outputs for monitoring
  • Provides efficient system to boost or breakpoint chlorinate

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling

These images demonstrate the movement of water with and without SolarBee circulation. Red indicates faster moving water; Blue indicates slower moving water.

20,000m3 tank without circulation

20,000m3 tank with circulation

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