Waste Water

SolarBee technology has been successfully deployed in municipal or industrial wastewater systems for over 10 years.

With this technology customers have been able to defer expensive treatment upgrades saving millions, reduce energy usage with a 3-5 year payback, and eliminate complaints from local residents by controlling odour from wastewater and sludge lagoons.


Wastewater benefits

  • Reduces short-circuiting and fecal coliform counts
  • Defer investment in expensive and energy intensive treatment options
  • Reduces energy consumption in partial and total mix systems, by reducing aeration/mixing equipment run-time providing paybacks of 3-5 years.
  • Improves performance and increases treatment capacity of facultative pond systems
  • Controls odors without creating aerosols
  • Provides odor cap in sludge storage & anaerobic ponds
  • Improves sludge digestion, reduces the need for dredging
  • Minimal (if any) infrastructure changes required for installation

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