Improve water quality

In over 300 lakes, reservoirs, and ponds where SolarBees are installed for long-distance circulation (LDC), water quality improvements have been consistent and sustainable. SolarBee LDC improves water quality in a number of interrelated ways. The elimination of stagnant waters improves lake health directly, primarily from the benefits of effective blue-green algae control without using toxic chemicals. When algal nutrients go into edible, non-blue-green algae (e.g., diatoms, chlorophytes, etc.), these beneficial algae do get eaten by zooplankton, macroinvertebrates and fish, thus improve fish habitats. As these edible algae get eaten, algal biomass decreases resulting in associated decreases in chlorophyll a, turbidity, and possibly total phosphorus concentrations, and an increase in water clarity. With reduced algal biomass, there is a corresponding decrease in algal photosynthesis. Decreases in photosynthetic activity also reduce daytime carbon dioxide uptake, which in turn reduces daytime elevation in surface water pH values.

Improve fish habitats

Improve aesthetics

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