Water Stabilisation Ponds

In facultative ponds the SolarBee can correct problems of overloading, odours, algae blooms, duckweed (in many cases), high BOD, high suspended solids (TSS), high ammonia (N), high phosphorus (P), high pH, low DO, and excessive volatile sludge buildup.

In mixed ponds, the SolarBee can correct many of the same water quality problems that occur in facultative ponds and in addition, the energy saving can pay for the investment in 3 to 5 years.

Partial-mix ponds, due to their heavy loading, exert a downward pressure on pH that ultimately leads to excessive sludge buildup in the front-end ponds and high nutrient loading in the final pond. After several years of operation, these conditions can cause algae-related BOD and TSS problems, and high ammonia (N) and phosphorus (P) in the effluent. The SolarBee can prevent and gradually correct all of these problems.

Sludge Storage Basins

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